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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eight Things I've Learned From You

My Muslim Teacher Eight Things I've Learned From You
[Hatim al asa'ad said to his shiekh]
[ notes from brother Mukhtar's seminar on Dhikr and Raqa'iq, 3/13/99 ]

1 -  People do not bring to the grave that which is beloved to them. 
So my beloved is hassana (rewards), which can join me in my grave.
2 - People let their nafs (self) be their leader.
    I reflected upon the ayaat in the Quran: "..And for such as had restrained their lower desires, their abode will be the garden.."

    So I took jihad against my nafs (self).

3 - People protect that which is dear to them.
    I reflected upon the ayah: "That which is with you will end, but that which is with Allah will remain forever..'

    So every time something was dear to me, I directed it to Him so that it would be protected forever.

4 - People love to relate to wealth, honor, dignity, and prestige.
    I reflected upon the ayah: "And the most honored among you are those with taqwaa.."

    So I sought taqwaa, so that I could be honored and dignified by Allah.

5 - People envy.
    I reflected upon the ayah: "And it is We who divided among them their livlihood...'

    So I sought to divorce myself from envy.

6 - People express enmity amongst each other.
    I reflected upon the ayah: "Truly shaytaan is your enemy, so treat him as your enemy.."

    So I have no animosity of people, and I make shaytaan my true enemy.

7 - People humble and degrade themselves for wealth.

    I reflected on the ayah "And there is not one living creature that is not provided for by Allah.."

    So I occupied myself with what I owe Him, and what I have with Him.

8 - People rely on themselves.

  Instead, I have tawakaltu alAllah (Reliance on Allah).

Ya Allah if I do not die knowledgeable, then let me die as one seeking knowledge!

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